Buying your first home is a big decision! It can be as scary as it is exciting. It’s easy to overlook simple and common sense guidelines in the midst of excitement, but the excitement could leave you with buyer’s remorse later.

Here's some common mistakes or overlooked topics:

  1. Looking for a home before knowing what you can afford
  2. Not talking to several lenders.
  3. Buying the biggest house on the block
  4. Making hasty decisions.
  5. Depleting your nest egg.
  6. Running up your credit.
  7. Focusing on the house and not the neighborhood.
  8. Making emotion based decisions
  9. Assuming you need a 20-30% down payment.
  10. Waiting for perfection.
  11. Overlooking different types of loans: FHA, VA and USDA loans.
  12. Not knowing the hidden costs of homeownership.
  13. Not lining up gift money.
  14. Not negotiating closing costs and fees.


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